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Why the Rooney Rule won’t work in the Premier League

Calls for the Rooney Rue to be implemented in the Premier League are growing more and more and once you see the numbers its not hard to see why. A recent report revealed that of the 482 leading coaching roles… Continue Reading →

Just when you thought UEFA couldn’t stoop any lower

“Everyone should be able to enjoy football. No matter who you are, where you’re from or how you play”. That’s the mantra of UEFA’s Equal Game campaign. They might need to look at that again. Arsenal player Henrikh Mkhitaryan has… Continue Reading →

It would send the wrong message to allow Adam Johnson back into football

After serving three years in prison, former Sunderland and England winger Adam Johnson has been released. Still only 31, Johnson may still be able to return to play football but the moral argument remains over whether he should be allowed… Continue Reading →

Premier League rights- the game is changing

The TV rights in England are set for a big change. The Premier League is looking to launch a Netflix-style service for all top flight football making every single game live and available to watch online.The move would see the… Continue Reading →

Without the fans Sunderland are nothing

Netflix’s Sunderland til I die series, following the fall and fall of the Sunderland Football Club, is with doubt the most incredible sports documentary I have seen in some time. After their relegation from the Premier League, we follow Sunderland… Continue Reading →

The Home of Football should not be for sale

Phew that’s a relief. Shahid Khan has withdrawn his offer to buy Wembley Stadium. The offer was first made six months ago but at no point should the FA have given this offer even a moments thought. £600m for Wembley… Continue Reading →

Pogba v Mourinho : There should only be one winner

A 2-1 win over Leicester City made for a decent start for Manchester United this season but the strained relationship between manager José Mourinho and star player Paul Pogba is now a serious concern. In a interview after the game Pogba said… Continue Reading →

FIFA are right to expand the World Cup

After the expansion of the 2016 European Championships, the World Cup is all set for a revamp. The FIFA Council has unanimously decided on a 48-team World Cup from 2026 from the 32 teams we have today. 48 teams would… Continue Reading →

Why Sean Dyche should win Manager of the Season

Like the majority of prizes this year, the Manager of the Season will no doubt be heading to the Etihad Stadium. Pep Guardiola, who has overseen Man City’s domestic domination, will surely pick up a number of personal accolades to… Continue Reading →

Alexis Sanchez could have won Man United the League

One of the biggest January transfers in Premier League history has finally concluded with Alexis Sanchez moving from Arsenal to Manchester City United. Sanchez stalled on a new contract at the Emirates for months as he weighed up his options with a move… Continue Reading →

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